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Wizard's Wrath - A Sneak Peek...

WizardsWrath The rough draft of Wizard's Wrath is now complete. You've all waited so long for it, I thought you might enjoy a little snippet from the story. It has not been thoroughly proofread, but I believe that most of it will make the cut. So, without further ado, here's a small selection from Wizard's Wrath: Book Four in the Fae Unbound Series!


Chapter One, Scene One

The sound was faint, but it had woken James up the past few nights, and tonight he heard it again—that middle-of-the-night scuffling in his kitchen. By the time he got up to check, there was never anyone there. But James wasn’t asleep this time, and he burst out of his bedroom, ready with a fistful of magic, to confront the intruder.

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