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EXPIRED – Nominate The Familiar on Kindle Scout!

The Familiar: Book One in the Bad Tom SeriesI am so excited to announce that The Familiar: Bad Tom Series Book One is now available for nominations in the Kindle Scout program. So run over there right now and put it on your nominations list. I’ll wait. Just sign in with your normal Amazon account information. Sadly, this is for the US only.

You’ll get a free book from either Amazon or me if you do.

Kindle Scout is a program for readers to select books they would like to see published on Amazon’s Kindle Press imprint. If you nominate the book, you may get a free copy from Amazon on release day. For that to happen, the book has to be on your list on the day the nomination period for the book ends AND Amazon must select the book for publication on Kindle Press.

Truthfully, I don’t expect to be selected for publication, so you’re probably not getting a free book from Amazon. Not that the book sucks. It doesn’t: my second-best friend said so. His exact words were, “No, it doesn’t suck.” This is high praise. Really. He hates everything. I’m not even entirely sure he likes me.

No, the reason I don’t expect to be selected is because to get the notice of the editors, the book must stay on the Hot & Trending list for most of the time it is on the Kindle Scout site. I don’t know enough people to make that happen.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a free book from me. I will be publishing the book myself immediately after getting over the crushing rejection. Like, probably minutes after I get the rejection letter. I’m also hoping to have the second book in the series ready to go soon after that.

Amazon will be sending a thank you letter from me to all of you who nominate the book after nominations close. So, if the book isn’t selected, just email me at the email address I provided in the thank you letter and demand the free book I promised you. I will be happy to send you one.

Writing this book was a blast despite the number of times I decided I have no business writing at all. It would not have been possible without my alpha and beta readers: Max Tomlinson, Michelle Hunt Keller, and Scott Bolotin. Very special thanks go out to my editor, Char Harris. All of you have helped to make the book very much gooder ;-)

Readers of my YA fiction should be aware that this is not intended for a young adult or teen audience. For this reason, there is a small amount of cursing (mostly the words you would find in the Bible) and a few fade-to-black romantic interludes. My thought is that it is not suitable for people younger than sixteen. But I can be a real priss, so it’s probably not even PG-13. The sample on the Kindle Scout site is about three chapters long, and it will give you a very good idea what to expect.

So, if you’ve read this far and feel like digging into some sample chapters of the new book, you can find the Kindle Scout page here:

I hope you enjoy it!


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