New October Release Date for Dragon Tender

Dragon_Tender_250 Yesterday I gave myself a vacation from any form of writing because I was too busy running around telling everyone I’d done it–I’d finished the rough draft of book three in the series! Woohoo for me!

Unfortunately, the book took much longer to finish than I would have liked for various reasons. I’ve been working in the office for the past six months after having worked from home for slightly over three years. Drive time steals a little over a two hours a day out of my daily schedule, and it makes a big difference in both my energy and time for writing.

But hey, the book finally got done, and I start working from home again tomorrow! Yes! Two things to celebrate. I am a very happy gal today.

The book will go through the usual rigorous editing and proofreading routine and be available sometime between October 15th and October 22nd. I’ve targeted the 15th, but sometimes last minute things come up. Things like forgetting to ask my cover designer to update the title of the book after I changed it. Not like that’s ever happened. Seriously, who could miss a detail like that after months of work?

Dragon Tender introduces big changes to the Fae Unbound universe, and I’m excited about the possibilities. The next book is tentatively titled Wizard’s Wrath and will bring James more front and center than he’s been until now. I expect to release the second set of three books in the series in the summer and fall of 2015. I know that’s a long time to wait, but I’ve got the Bad Tom series for adult readers queued up for release in December, and then I’d like to get started on the first “season” of the planned series Alice in Demonland (YA readers 14+) because my head is currently full of fun things I can do with demons.

Apparently, I won’t be leaving my keyboard again in the foreseeable future. Good times, I say. Good times.

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