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Pixies! What a pain. (Tanji’s blog)

Pixies have really sweet, human looking faces. Like babies with wings – close to the way they’re pictured in this old illustration. Except that you DO NOT want to be sitting that close to them. Pixies definitely aren’t user-friendly. (Just one of the many ways people who wrote all those fairy tales got it wrong.)

When you see them come at you with their mouths open to show the very pointy teeth they hope to sink into some tasty part of your body, you better catch on pretty quick…pixies do not want to be your bestie!

Adult pixies are from two to five inches tall, and most pixies are no bigger than three inches high. They keep their “baby” faces for their entire lifespan, which is about three years.

Pixies live in nests that look a lot like hornet nests, but pixie nests are much larger, often measuring two to three feet across. Up to thirty of them may live in the same nest, all of them related through one mated pair. When the young are old enough to breed, they will start their own nest with a mate if the female’s nest is already too full of family. Pixies will usually keep the same mate for their lifetime unless their mate is killed.

They are “fae” only in the sense that they are magical creatures. Kind of like humans and monkeys are related because we look a little bit alike and we’re both mammals. Pixies are also about as intelligent as monkeys: they can’t talk, they don’t have complex societies, and they don’t use tools like humans do. So, by both human and fae standards, pixies are considered to be animals, not fae.

Pixie bites are nasty – really nasty. If one bites you, you need to immediately apply a poultice made of fennel. It’s most effective with the fresh stuff. You can tell fennel is fresh if it is slightly green in color. If it’s brown, it may not  give you much relief.

If you think that pixies are setting up house near you, I recommend you prepare or buy some reliable pixie salve and keep it handy. If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, you will be able to purchase magic-enhanced pixie salve through my shop for a reasonable price. I expect to open up for business in the next couple of months.

You can also find non-enhanced fennel at any grocery store. It’s a common spice, but pixies hate it, and it pulls the venom out of the wound. We also sell pixie wards that should keep them away after you’ve cleared an infestation.

Ron Ross’s Human Gnome Removal and Magical Pest Control Service has reasonable rates for helping you remove a pixie infestation. My dad and his helpers will humanely and safely remove and relocate the pixies and provide you with enough wards to keep them from returning. Just give the service a call. (Now serving the entire state of Ohio!)

More about magical creatures next time when I talk about everybody’s least favorite garden pest — gnomes. I’m also in the middle of some research on the uses of pixie dust in magic, and I’ll let you know what I find out.

Tanji Ross, Sorceress
One Month, One Week, and Three Days past Fae Day

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