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Photo by Kevan Davis. Used by permission under a CC Attribution License.

April is turning into a busy and creative month for me. I’m completing the rough draft of the first book in my next series (a paranormal semi-romance for adult readers) while outlining the next book in the Fae Unbound series. That’s a crazy amount of work to take on around my full-time job, but I am having way too much fun to slow it down!

Cover images for each book should be available in May, but until then, here’s a hint what the books will be about.

1. Dragon Tender (Fae Unbound Series Book 2.5)

Dragon Tender is a short novella to fill in some of the the events happening in Europe that are only hinted at in Queen of the Fae. It introduces a new cast of characters, including the young elf, Avenall, who is proud of his heritage but doesn’t get why Elves hate humans so much. He’s interested in technology, music, and video, which he has to hide from his elders for fear of punishment. Best part? He hangs out with dragons :-)

Because I expect it to be no more than 30,000 words, it will be priced right at only 99¢. I’ll also give you a free copy if you sign up for the newsletter. If you want to get a copy as soon as it’s completed, be sure to sign up here!

2. The Familiar (Bad Tom Series #1)

Tom has been mostly cat for a long time, but when the witch who enchanted him is out of the picture, he finally sees a chance to break the spell. The pretty granddaughter who inherits the witch’s house and shop arrives bringing catnip and a chance at freedom. Too bad Tom is rapidly running out of lives.

The novel is meant for adult readers and gets a PG rating for mild language and sexual situations.

So, that’s it for what I’m working on right now. I’ll let you know when it’s done!

Jill Nojack
Posted April 5th, 2014

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