What to read while you’re waiting…

Since I won’t have another book ready for Teen / Young Adult readers until September, I thought some recommendations on books that I’ve enjoyed might be of interest.

Lethal Dispatch by Max Tomlinson

This is a terrific book by a terrific writer. It’s definitely not fantasy, but if you also enjoy thriller/suspense, and a little bit of history thrown in, you need to discover this great read. Be careful, though, because it will end up being a gateway drug into the Nina Flores Thriller Series (Adult Thriller / Suspense).

This book is too mature for tweens. However, readers age 14+ will find it exciting, fast-paced, and a great story. I’d tell you about it, but why bother when you can just watch the trailer!

Lethal Dispatch is currently priced at $2.99. That’s a great price! You can pick up a copy on the Lethal Dispatch page at Amazon.com

That’s it for now. I’ve got a few more books I think you’ll like, and I’ll post them as I have time.



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