Wizard’s Wrath is on the Way (and what to read while waiting)


How about a little Wizardy Wrath?
Image by 3rd Eye Photographer. Used by permission under a CC-by 2.0 license.

Today, I sold copy 100 of Dragon Tender. So, to keep to my own promise, I officially begin work on Wizard’s Wrath: Book Four in the Fae Unbound Series as my next book. I do have to finish and publish the Bad Tom Series first, which should happen soon, but Wizard’s Wrath has bumped two other projects to the back of the line: good news for Fae Unbound fans! Bad news if you were looking forward to the angels and demons series!

I’m updating my writing progress meters when I finish this post, and I hope to keep them updated so that you can keep up on the progress as I go along.

I’m also currently working with a group of other YA writers to create a box set collection which will soon be released as Riot Girls: Seven Books With Girls Who Don’t Need A Hero. You’ve already ready Magic Unbound, which is my contribution to the set, but I’m very excited about the authors and books involved.

My favorite of the books so far is Brad Magnarella’s XGeneration 1: You Don’t Know Me. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It does have a smattering of cursing, but I think a PG13 rating is accurate for the book. It’s a fast-paced YA story about two teens who are just learning about their superhero abilities. Action. Geeky but cute boy. Very competent heroine. Just wonderfully written.

The world of the series is tied in with 80s culture and (eventually) the Cold War with one significant event changed for the purpose of the story. Both guys and girls should love the superhero/teen adventure aspect and adults who remember the 80s will have an added nostalgic hit that adds to the enjoyment. Highly recommended. I ended up picking up the other two books on Scribd and couldn’t stop until I’d finished them. I’m now a big Brad Magnarella fangirl, and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

XGeneration 1 is available on Amazon, Scribd, and Google Play. It’s a free download on each of those venues! Go, grab it. I don’t think you can possibly be disappointed. (P.S–you can get a free one month trial of Scribd through this link: https://www.scribd.com/g/4ag4kf .)

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